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Iceland is beautiful. We only had two days here before we return to the states. So we spent our time enjoying just being in Iceland.

We walked around Reykjavik and made a few Icelandic friends. Who all laughed at our it's rather cold here statements and replied that we should just wait 10 minutes for the weather to change again.

We went up to the top of the National Cathedral which has a glorious view of the mountains and city skyline. Sadly we were out of season for a Northern Lights tour. But according to our Scottish friends one goes to Finland not Iceland to see the Northern Lights. Which is great news to me because now I get to go on another adventure!

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Ah London Town there's always so much to do! We were in Town for three gorgeously sunny days. Which of course meant we spent a lot of time outside.

Taylor has never been to London so after checking into the hotel on Saturday we wandered around the British Museum. She finally got to see some mummies and I spend some time with my favorite Rembrandt. Then we visited Big Ben, Hyde Park and Covent Garden.

Since is was Easter weekend not much was open Sunday. So we went on a walking tour of London and learned some fun facts for future trivia nights. Then did the river walk around the Thames to stop by the Tower. On our final day we spent a lovely day shopping on Portobello Road, walking through Chelsea and just enjoying the view in Kensington Gardens. London as usual did not disappoint!

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Edinburgh was a blast! We did a tour of the Royal Mile and learned lots of fun facts in addition to some history of the city. Like did you know the city is nicknamed the Athens of the north because of its contributions to science during the 18th century.

Edinburgh is simply a lovely city with loads of character and interesting nooks and crannies to discover. It's definately my kind of city!

The best part of my time there was spending time in my favorite place. Yes, you guessed it the library! The National Library of Scotland is fourteen levels of awesome. I got lost wandering around the stacks in awe, signed up for a reader's ID card then did a happy dance. Scotland is simply amazing.

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The Highlands

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Well everything you've heard about Scotland is true. The place really is magical! We had a great time driving through the Highlands.

The end of the civilized world as the Romans called it is filled with breathtaking views of lush green valleys and hills. I spent the majority of each day just saying "wow". Because the Highlands just got more stunning around every turn.

One of my favorite places was Eilean Doran Castle near the Isle of Skye. On the drive there from Fort William we got to experience all three seasons in one. The day started off rainy then sleet turned into snow into hail into sunshine back into rain. It was interesting to say the least but landscape was beautiful all throughout.

The castle itself was a ruin until it was rebuilt in the early 20th century. It's now a maze of interconnected nooks and rooms to discover. Me being me I had a blast!

Next we travelled to Inverness. We explored the city, walked around the River Ness, and tried vegetarian haggis which is actually really good. And of course we went on a cruise on Loch Ness. It was great and rare sunny day in the Highlands! But despite the sonar system on the ship looking into the depths of the Loch. Yes, there was an actual sonar system! We didn't get a chance to meet Nessie. But I'm sure she's real.....

That was it for our time in the Highlands, up next is Edinburgh!

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Ah jet lag you awful, awful creature. You know how much I love sleep. It's one of my favorite things! But unfortunately my internal clock has decided to go for the gold and try to make it 48 hours of no deep sleep. Why it can't be a slacker in this instance all never know.

Aside from dreaming about sleep day 1 of adventure '15 was excellent! Amsterdam is still one of the best cities. I spent the day exploring Jordaan, people watching at the Museumplein and relaxing on the banks of the Amstel.

The Dutch also seem to have gotten even nicer over the past two years. I made a new friend at the park her name is Sophie she's four, loves ducks and ice cream. And since I like ice cream too we've decided to be friends.

I hope you all had a great day!

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Up, Up & Away!

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So because I was so afraid of missing my flight I arrived at the airport uber early, only to stand in a very long line. Instead of just waiting in line I'm going to Starbucks, like a good little Seattlite!

Hope you are all having a good day!

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