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Tot Ziens!

Forgot to mention that I'm not certain if I'll get the chance to write again before i leave since I'm nearing the end of the trip and thus my budget and i still think that paying 2 euro an hour is a rip off. so if i can't post anything then I'll see you all very soon!(well that is if i manage to get myself on the plane. because all the American expats that i have met here seem rather happy. and i may just take their advice and stay............................................. I'm joking! I'm joking! my mum would fly here and kill me! see you all soon! Tot Ziens! (i learnt goodbye in dutch i'm telling you those lanuage guides have been god sent)

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Germany was magnificent! i loved it so much in Berlin that i almost missed my train to Amsterdam! it was alot more difficult to leave Berlin than i thought it would be. the city's amazing and Berliners are some of the kindest people you could meet anywhere. so in preparation for each country i have voyaged to i,ve download basic language guides and practiced on the train i get to berlin and i've perfected "guten tag, Wie finde ich......'' i was so proud of myself and on my first day i got up to the man to ask where the Brandenburg gate is in German because I'm cool. and he looks at me "like aw cute little American trying to speak German" and responds in English its just down the road. and this happened with every single person that i asked for directions its like i had this huge A stamped across my head and from a mile away they could tell that i was an American. i'm still really confused as to how they knew in Paris people thought that i was french all the time and in Italy and even here in Amsterdam if i don't say anything people speak to me in dutch. but never once in Berlin did i blend in which made me kinda sad because i wanted to practice my German!

Amsterdam.................. there's so much to say and my limited hour of internet is not enough time to get it all out so I'm just going top leave the tales until later. i haven't really visited any museums here I'm currently museum-ed out and all the ones in Amsterdam are outrageously expensive oh and they don't offer student discounts so I've stayed away from them. but i did go to the Anne Frank house which was well worth the 9 euro admission. it was so surreal being in the same house it looks different than i pictured it while i was reading the book it's smaller but it was just incredible. yesterday i went to Koog-Zaandijk to see windmills! and i have to say that they weren't in the least bit disappointing. i was like a kid in a candy store it was really neat. i met this guy from Seoul and we went together we both had a very good time.

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So Lucca was nice. it was kinda small so i was able to see the entire city including climbing up the Torre Guinigi and walking the 3 mile wall surrounding the entire city in less than 4 hours. after this i was sort of bored so i went back to the hostel took a nap and still woke up early enough to take a train to Pisa and wander around there some more. i found this garden that had once been a part of the Medici family summer home, saw Galileo's house and went back to see the leaning tower of Pisa.

which i still think is a complete rip off! i mean the thing's nothing at all as it was advertised it's rather small and i guess after La Tour Eiffel i was expecting the wow factor but there was none. it was just me staring at it and wondering if i had neglectfully passed the real tower by accident then realizing that nope that was it taking my obligatory photo then walking back to the train station.

the entire situation reminded me of my reaction to the Mona Lisa which i thought was just as disappointing. i spent all that time waiting in line to push my way through a mass of people all for what? to see a small portrait of an ordinary woman!? let's just say that i was genuinely not impressed by the portrait. of all the wonderful work that Da Vinci accomplished that's the one I'm supposed to faun all over? yeah no. today on the other had i spent a lovely day with a gorgeous guy named David and he was absolutely amazing. it was just incredible looking at him it almost seemed like there was an actual person in the marble trying to break free. really the amount of detail that went into every aspect of his being is just amazing for a moment there i thought that he was just going to step down from his platform. i was in awe there just aren't words (sadly there are no photos, the guards there were strict with their no photos no videos stance like in the Sistine chapel all who tried were quickly removed so i didn't want to risk it.)

Tomorrow i am going to Uffizi, the piazza de republica and hitting up all of Firenze's Duomos. Excited! it's going to be another magnificent day in Toscana! i wish that you were all here to see all this with me but maybe soon we shall do a group European adventure yes?

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Ciao from Roma! I've been in Rome for the last couple of days and its been really good. I got here after visiting Cinque Terre which was absolutely gorgous1 of all the places that i have visited so far i would have to say that cinque terre and the Irish country side are tied. the area is made up of these 5 towns that were built into the country side to protect against pirate raids and obviously it worked because they are still standing now. But the only thing to do there is hike the paths between the villages and go to the beach so me being as adventures as i am now decided what i brilliant idea i'll go hiking..............scariest flipping thing i have ever done. they fail to point out before you start this hike that it too is built along the cliffs and so its not really a path more like a narrow rocky stripe of land that hasn't fallen into the ocean yet! lets just say that i said alot of hail Marys during the 4hour ordeal. but you know what i'm really glad that i did it, it was one of those things where while you were engaged in it it was frightening but you had these amazing views of the sea in front of you the entire time so it was hard not to be content you know? So i've decided that i'm saving all my money to move to Cinque Terre and open a gelateria. i know i have high aspirations but i figure if i'm going to reach why not reach high?

So in Roma i've already visited the pantheon the Colosseum, the forum and of course the Vatican. everything been lovely but Rome's rather dirty and hard to navigate. i haven't really met any people while i've been here so i did all the sights alone which was ok. i'm completely in awe by all my surroundings i mean it's seriously just so surreal i've read about the Colosseum and never thought i would ever see it and now i have. it's just incredible!

But i would have to say that by far the Vatican was my favorite place in rome, it was soo beautiful that i actually cried (and as you all know i don't cry). but i've never seen anything as lovely as Saint Peter's Basilicain my life it just takes your breathe away the skill and detail that were placed into this church are amazing. so that's it for now i hope that you're all well i'm off to lucca tomorrow so ciao until later!

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ok i've come top the realization that i will most likey not be posting photos until i'm back in the states because internet here is soo unbelieveable slow the 60 pictures i put up earlier took me 3 hours and the lat 10 that i just posted took over an hour it0s ridiculous and expenssive. imy apologies but i've got some pretty amazing photos and i promise that they will be worth the wait!

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So I Left the UK for Dublin 3 days ago and I have completely fallen in love with the Irish country side. But although Ireland is absolutely beautiful it's also flipping expensive! it's 2 euro for 15 minutes on the web thus i sadly will not be uploading anything until i reach Paris which hopefully will be cheaper! Hope you're all well cheers!

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