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I made it! London#s great a lot smaller than i thought it would be but it's great! it was completely overcast and frigid yesterday but i met some really nice girls from China yesterday sadly they moved out of the hostel today sadness. well i'm off to explore Hyde park ! I'll be posting the first set of photos tonight (I know you all can't wait to see them)!

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Ready, Set.............GO!!

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After an entire year of planning and saving the day has final arrived............ I'm going to Europe! I'm less than four hours away from take-off and to be honest I'm slightly scared. Ok take out the "slightly" I AM TERRIFIED!! I know this will be an amazing adventure but I can't help feeling a little unsettled about roaming around Europe by myself. And I'm starting to wonder if this was a bad call on my apart. But then as my mum pointed out yesterday the euro's recent fall could actually be God's endorsement of my trip because what are the chances of such good luck! So I'm heading out with the mentality that this is going to be the best experience of my life!

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